Retailer’s Financials (Rough Draft) & Pitch Deck Preparation

In this assignment, students will research and take a deep dive into the financial analysis and balance sheet of their case study retailer and their competitors. This will include their sales history, profit growth, overall balance sheet, and debt load. Students will outline this information in preparation to incorporate it into the final pitch deck and final case study. Financial resources should include Yahoo Finance (make sure you check out the articles on your retailer in the site), Marketplace, the retailer’s 2020 Annual Report & 1st quarterly report, SEC information, etc. Here is a file download with some other questions to consider when analyzing the financials of your retailer. The research will be outlined only for review in class during Week 7 and then finalized into HW#7B – Retailer’s Finalized Financials due at the beginning of class in Week 8.

For the graded portion of this assignment, students will prepare to present their first draft pitch deck in class next week utilizing all prior assignments reflecting recommended revisions included in the graded assignments. The first draft pitch deck submission should include the following –

The Pitch deck should be organized in the order as listed on the pitch deck handout downloading Office 365 powerpoint.

The first draft Pitch deck includes the information formatted into the related slides from HW#1-#5 – Retailer’s Competitor Analysis, Retailer’s Business Overview (include background, product/service assortment & timeline), Retailer’s Target Market Assessment, Retailer’s Competitor Landscape, and Retailer’s Marketing Strategies. The focus will be on the use of visual images balanced with bullet point content. The oral “script” content to be presented with the final project will be posted in the “Notes” section of each slide. This information will be the detailed explanations from the assignment research to further describe the related content for each slide.

All revisions and adjustments should be addressed from HW#1-5 and are successfully incorporated into the first draft of the pitch deck. Pitch deck should present a comprehensive business model, that indicates the student’s understanding of the retailer’s strategy. The pitch deck gives the reader a clear understanding of the retailer’s channel in a competitive, global marketplace.

Pitch deck slide content should incorporate the guidelines that have been introduced; especially take-a-ways on each slide, with a balance between verbiage and images, layout, margins, use of fonts and colors. Make sure that the pitch deck is proofread for any errors including spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The content will be submitted as a PowerPoint pitch deck. Please refer to the pitch deck slide guidelines in Week 5. Excellent pitch deck examples were also provided in Week 5. Make sure to in-text cite any images (screenshots, photos, etc) used to identify promotional strategies.

Students will present their first draft Pitch Deck in class next week in teams for peer review.

The weekly Assignment master rubric is attached below. Please take a look at how this assignment will be assessed based on the required criteria. Your graded weekly assignments will be returned to the related Canvas assignment site with comments for possible revisions along with the graded master Assignment rubric. Please keep in mind that the content developed in each assignment will be transformed, extracted, or used as is to complete the final pitch deck to be presented and submitted on the last day of class.