Research: Ireland Park’s Contribution to Canada Labour History Assignment

Research: Ireland Park’s Contribution to Canada Labour History

Toronto Historical Labour Sites: Research Assignment you will need to hand in a well-researched project on a location in Toronto that is significant to labor history in Canada

Assignment Guidelines

This research will describe the significance, the physical properties, and specific location of a site of historical significance to the labour movement in Canada.

I will need to use 4 secondary resources for this research, including 2 valid academic sources*. This assignment emphasizes your relationship to the material history of the labour movement in Canada and should help to illustrate your own interconnectedness with that history, both as scholars of labour history and residents of Toronto.

I will need to visit the site of your choosing, and then photograph, videotape, illustrate, or otherwise visually represent that location and any commemorative plaques or monuments posted there (including Historical Toronto plaques, statuary, and [murmur] ears).

Your project should include the following details:

  • A clearly worded thesis related to some aspect of labour art— see above for some sense of where to begin in terms of choosing a subject.
  • Details about who was involved, why they became involved, when the work, movement, union, etc. existed— as a general guideline, try to provide as much detail as possible.
  • Your project should include statistics, facts, and/or concrete data from valid sources to support or illustrate your claims.
  • Those statistics, facts, and data should be analyzed and explained in detail; i.e. what does a particular stat, law, or fact mean in relationship to your historical site? What does it tell us about your topic? How does it relate to labour history?
  • When you are including other people’s thoughts, ideas, words, or research, correct and complete APA citations will be required