Religious studies Assignment on Theologian of the Day Research Paper Assignment

I would like you to write a 4 pages research of “Psalm 9” I have uploaded all the documents that are needed, of course, you will use two commentaries as well to support your paper. This two commentaries can be chosen by you freely (More instructions can be found on the file labeled “Theologian of the Day Instructions Online Version“).

Regarding the 1 slide that is requested, it will be for the summary you will write of the research.

Please do NOT forget to check out the instructions file as it has everything you need, in case you still feel like something is not clear, please do NOT hesitate to ask me. I will be around 24/7

• “Psalm 9” was taken from Catholic Study Bible, Third Edition. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. (ISBN: 978-0190267230)

• I am not Catholic nor Christian in genera