Religious studies Assignment on Evangelistic Field report

Field Report Guidelines:

You are to cultivate an evangelistic relationship with a non-Christian friend, relative, work associate, or neighbor.  You may use personal pronouns in this academic field report. (I, my, etc.)

In your report, you will reflect upon your field education experience, engaging with the concepts, learning activities, as well as other relevant academic material. Your evaluation should offer a critical analysis that reflects upon the following:

  • Your journal reflections (your actual journal reflection notes should be placed in an appendix at the conclusion of your assessment – not counted in the word count)
  • Engagement with class concepts, readings, and other relevant academic sources (students should engage with at least 12 academic sources – higher quality papers will show evidence of research beyond the class readings)
  • The effectiveness of strategies used for communicating the Gospel
  • Cultural relevance
  • Faithfulness to Biblical models of communicating the Christian gospel
  • Success in communicating the Christian gospel
  • Impact on your attitude toward communicating the Christian gospel

Please use the sample field report uploaded as a guide in how to write this report.  Using the sample report as a guide, (not a copy), develop a scenario where you would engage a non-Christian using the references I have uploaded and also using the references below to complete this task. 

I realize also that you may need to fabricate an evangelistic encounter in order to write this report.  This is why I have paid for extra words to be used.  These extra words will be the base for your “journal reflections.” These reflections will be separate from the actual report itself.  That means. It will be a guide to how you went about writing this report.  This part of the paper will not be graded but will be viewed by the marker.  You may label this section:Appendix

Your word count for the report should be about 1450 words

The journal reflection aspect should be 500 or more. (This is to be separate from Report)

Format: Turabian 8th or 9th edition

References to use: Please use any 10 resources below in addition to the ones I uploaded.


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