Religious Essay Assignment on Moral Crisis

Part#1 min 600 words for this subject
Ethics and Morals play an important role in a person’s life. American Values is a think tank that addresses issues that plagues society. Read the article that addresses the moral crisis in civil society:
The sections that are appropriate to our discussion can be found in"Seedbeds of Virtue, Numbers 1, 3, and 11, and the paragraph entitled: The Moral Crisis

After reading this material, write a 2 page paper (600 word minimum) that will:

1. Give a review of the material

2. Discuss the role of religion in regard to the moral crisis

3. How this influences you, or not, personally
part#2 write about Ethics Discussion and make separate from part#1
it should be 100 to 120 words
After clicking on the links I provided (Christian Ethics, Judeo-Christian Ethics, Instructor Notes), discuss the difference between Descriptive and Normative Ethics; and, how they apply to your life. You may also use this resource:
Consider the following: What standard do you use to determine what is just, moral and good? Is this a simple matter that is determined by a persons "wants" or "desires"? How do you determine right and wrong when one person’s desires conflict with those of another person?