Reflection paper on Entrepreneurship: the practice and mindset.

ISBN: 978-1-4833-8352-1

Follow the outline below and include two key points from each chapter.

A proper reflection has three parts: (1) an introduction, (2) the body, and (3) the conclusion. Your graded task this week is to write a one-page reflection on this week’s course activities. Your reflection should be single-spaced and in 12 points Arial font. Double-space between paragraphs. A one-page reflection will have about 500 words.

Your introduction should summarize the week’s activities in this course; what did you experience and learn this week in this course? This need not be a blow-by-blow description of the week but you should include any insights about entrepreneurship or business that you gained through your studies this week.

The body of your reflection discusses how this experience has changed you. What did you feel as you read your assignments this week? What did you enjoy and why, what did you dislike and why, what questions did the week’s activities leave you with and will you try to answer those questions? If you will try how will you answer them?

Your conclusion discusses what you will do with the knowledge and skills you gained during the week. Are you or one of the organizations you are connected with experiencing a problem that you can help solve; how would you apply what you have learned?