Reflection of career goal of becoming a dementia nurse following qualifying as a mental health nurse

Critically reflect on identifying and critically exploring the evidence base pertaining to the Dementia specialist nurse in the united kingdom.

CHOICE – Scope, diversity of nursing opportunities•ASPIRATION – Where do you want your career to go? (Dream)•DIRECTION – Think about how your choice may influence, guide, or develop the area of specialty chosen for nursing
Must be linked to your role and career development
•Identify the topic of interest(dementia) and its relevance to your role as a mental health nurse. Personal and professional
.•Look at current literature.
.•Think about the skills, knowledge, and education journey you may need to take.
Select a specialist role or nurse/specialist role: Dementia Nurse
•Identify the need for the role of your specialist nurse (dementia nurse)
Critically review:•What are the current issues/challenges for your particular specialist role (Dementia nurse).•For example:–Is the role cost effective?–Is there any role overlap?–Are there any specific clinical challenges?–Are there any specific professional challenges?