Reflection essay Assignment on Comprehension and Reflection 3

Please adhere to the following guidelines for the comprehension and reflection assignment.


For this module submit a reflection upon the major points gleaned from the readings and instructional materials, and TWO interactive questions you would pose to the readings or the instructor. That is, after you have finished the requirements for this week, reflect on the ideas that stood out to you as most interesting, most controversial, or with which you resonated most strongly. Then, propose two questions you would like answered in order to have a better grasp of the weekly content, or that have been raised in your mind as a result of this week’s study. These should not be reading notes (i.e. don’t just summarize the readings), but should be your personal interaction with the materials covered. The reflection should be approximately one to two pages, single spaced, and should be submitted as either a Microsoft Word or pdf file format.

!!!!!!!Let me know what you choose so I can send you the material, it is under the file Topics!!!!!!. I would like 1 page and a half.