Reflection: Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Education


You will be composing a well-organized reflection of this theme by responding to a set of question prompts AND reflecting on the MODULE RESOURCES (see each section in the modules that contain the readings, videos, etc.) and thinking about responses to the questions listed above (you do NOT have to directly respond to each of these questions). You can choose one of the following formats

write a two-page reflection of approximately 750-1000 words
record a 5-minute video or audio reflection – this can be a live video of you talking OR you can create a presentation with images/text and record a screenshot with audio OR you can record a podcast

Your reflection MUST include:
1) the question prompts and answers


A) Describe one way that you can create a culturally responsive, inclusive classroom.

B) What is your opinion of ability grouping? Provide supporting evidence for your opinion.

C) Why is important to implement a variety of teaching strategies within a classroom?

D) If Gardner is correct that there are many different kinds of intelligence, why do so many people still categorize people as “smart” or “gifted” and others as “slow” or “stupid”?

E) Read the article “Does a Multicultural Education Improve the Curriculum” by Sonia Nieto (p.160 in textbook). She states that everyone is included in multicultural education. Do you agree? Why or why not?

2) specific comments that reflect directly back to at least 4 different module resources (see Module Resources section of module for readings, textbook chapters, videos, etc). Each resource needs to be clearly identified within the paper/video EITHER as part of a response to a question OR in a separate summary of resources and referenced. Your comments should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the material and not just identifying the resource.

3) document referenced resources correctly at the end in a bibliography

4) create TWO specific critical thinking questions that relate to the module’s themes. Refer back to the critical thinking cheat sheet (Module 1 Theme Readings and Resources – Critical Thinking) to help generate your questions. Do NOT use any of the provide examples directly. You only need to generate questions – you do NOT need to answer the questions.

5) a completed reflection statement for this module that relates to the module’s theme: “I used to think _________, now I think ____________”ACCEPTABLE EXAMPLE #1

Paper, video, or audio format

Part 1 – Respond to all 5 questions.

Part 2 – Summarize 4 module resources

Part 3 – Bibliography of resources referenced

Part 4 – Two critical thinking questions

Part 5 – Reflection statement