Randomised controlled trials (RCTs)(see paper instructions)

Essay question: Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) suffer from several methodological, ethical, and conceptual/theoretical flaws. Discuss by making reference to specific RCTs conducted in the Global South.

1.Please use British English
2.Please draw on the readings attached and also the ones mentioned in the handout
3.Please analyze the limitations of RCT from methodological, ethical, and conceptual/theoretical perspectives respectively(the handout and the live workshop ppt should be useful, references should be made where appropriate to strengthen the arguments)
4.Please connect and analyze the limitations of RCTs to at least 6 specific RCTs conducted in the Global South(e.g linking the ethical issue of RCT with specific cash transfer RCT conducted), some examples are given in the student presentation ppt however I would prefer the RCTs’ topic not to be on prevention of HIV, etc. I think papers such as the ones mentioned in the workshop ppt may be more appropriate.
5.Answering some of the questions in the last slide of the student presentation may be useful in developing the essay.
6.I don’t think it is necessary to stress/mention every single point that appeared in the workshop ppt(considering word limitation), I think it is more important to develop the argument, strengthen them and link them smoothly and coherently.
7.Please also mention and draw from the ideas from the slide that says ‘Alternatives’ in the workshop ppt in the conclusion
Thank you for your time, please also try to be precise in phrasing and wording.