Psychology Research Paper on Role play technique

(Child Therapy Technique Workshop Paper)

The purpose of this assignment is to share information about a particular therapeutic technique or tool used with children and / or adolescents. you need to identify a role play technique, write a brief descriptive paper about the technique.

Please prepare a paper of a minimum of 3 pages, referencing a technique or tool that would be appropriate to use with a child in Piaget’s Concrete Operational phase. (Please use an additional page for references.)

In the paper, please introduce and summarize the technique you are using. Please include:

1. The history and origins of the Roleplay technique
2. Development of the Roleplay technique to current day
3. Current status and applications
4. Reference to at least one scholarly article or book chapter that you read/studied in your preparation, which you cite at the end of your paper using APA PUBLICATION FORMAT.

Please write about (Roleplay technique) that can be applied to working with children in Piaget’s Concrete Operational phase.For example, using cards or books has pictures on them, to help children to improve their language and expressing or communicate with their parents