Psychology Research Paper Assignment on Chemical dependency and the family

To write this paper please follow the instructions
All the references have to be peer-reviewed articles do not use .com or something similar.
8 pages not counting cover page and references.
Please review the sample paper before writing this paper.
(This is in APA format and you are required to use at least 5 professional references “peer-reviewed” )

Research Paper – Chemical dependency and the family
1 Discuss appropriate intervention approaches for addictive families.
2 What are some of the barriers associated with educating families?
3 How might these barriers be overcome?
4 Identify family behaviors that harm rather than help the alcoholic/addict
5 Discuss how a family members can negatively impact treatment outcomes.
Each student is to choose a different drug and study its particular effects and how it affects the individual, family, and society. (I choose Methamphetamines for this paper)

Note: please consider that I`m an international student. make your writing clear and simple, don`t use very difficult words or sentences that obviously native English writers use.
• This paper has to be in APA style 7th edition and I want in-text citation after each part also in APA style.
• No grammar mistakes.
for APA style the 7th edition I attached documents for help.
please I need someone who understands psychology and knows how to write a paper in this field. I don’t want to return this paper to fix it because there is no time.