Assignment on Mental Illness and Behavioral Health Care

ext Book Chapter 2 – pages 37 – 39; 52-59 (Sections on Mental Health)

Mooney, L. A., Knox, D., Schacht, C. (2016). Understanding social problems (10th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage

In a 5 page paper (not including APA cover page and References):

1. Discuss whether or not there are still service needs, or gaps for those diagnosed with a mental illness and why. Are mental health services in the U.S. available? Accessible? Adequate? Why or why not? Please include mental health issues in youth in your response.

2. Describe the stigma of mental illness and efforts to reduce this stigma.

You must integrate at least 5 course readings in your paper.

APA format: 15 points

Grammar and organization/style: 15 points

Integration and use of course readings (minimum of 5 course readings): 20 points

Content: 50 points – see above for required areas.

There will be a 5 point deduction for each page beyond the 5 page requirement. There will also be deductions for papers that do not meet the 5 page requirement (papers must be 5 complete pages).