Psychology Coursework on PSY 8145 – Assignment 6

Conduct a web search for a neurodevelopmental disorder that you wish to explore further. Some examples include intellectual or developmental disabilities, ADHD, and learning disabilities. Review your assigned readings for more examples. Then, select at least one website to evaluate for this assignment. Compare the information that is presented on the website to at least two scholarly resources on your chosen neurodevelopmental disorder. You may include this information in a chart within your written submission. Then, respond to the following:

Determine the accuracy of the information you encountered. In other words, how does the information presented on the website compare to the information from your scholarly sources?
Indicate what this tells you about where parents may find accurate, reliable information about this particular neurodevelopmental disorder.
Incorporate into your analysis at least two peer-reviewed articles that discuss your chosen neurodevelopmental disorder.

Make sure you include a comparison chart inside of the paper. Anywhere is fine.