Psychology Assignment on Evaluate a Scenario including Phenomenology

You will now assess a scenario related to phenomenology. You are invited to be creative with the scenarios in so far as how they relate to the method and the questions posed for evaluation.

Here is the scenario for this week:
You are a research psychologist asked to gain an understanding of college undergraduate students’ experiences of campus life.
In your approach to this scenario, prepare a brief paper that evaluates the following:
Using the phenomenological method, explain the data you would collect and why. *Hint: Consider the language that addresses the method’s focus such as bracketing, units of experience, and so on.
Explain how you would collect this data.
Determine what would be considered the objects of awareness, where conscious experiences may occur in this scenario (try to consider as many as you can, given the context).
Explore how the context could influence participants (their conscious experiences). Be sure to explain and support your answer.
Estimate how these and/or other influences might influence the trustworthiness of the data. Be sure to explain and support your answer.
Support your assignment with at least one scholarly resource. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included