Psychology Assignment on Disclosing Sexual Orientation


COMING OUT (disclosing sexual orientation)

Purpose of the assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to review and summarize the main arguments and recommendations, from peer-reviewed clinical literature, related to using a family-based approach to address a selected social, psychological, or health condition in a selected population (e.g., adults, children/adolescents, gays, women, ethnic minorities, veterans, etc.). The approach you discuss should recommend the involvement of one or more individual(s) in the family system, besides the individual experiencing the condition. The family-based approach might be therapy, consultation, or some other family-focused intervention. You can focus on an approach based on a single theory/model or an integrative framework.

Organizing to meet assignment expectations

1) Select a condition and a population on which to write your 6-page literature review, for example, “autism in children”. You may wish to focus on a condition you are currently treating or might hypothetical treat at your practicum/internship sites.

2) Review 6–10 published scholarly sources (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, monographs) that recommend the use of a family-based approach in addressing your selected condition/population. You may include non-peer-reviewed material (e.g., magazines, internet sites, newspapers) but these should not replace your 6–10 published scholarly sources. Use APA style for all citations (7th ed.).

Use the following sub-headings in writing the paper:

Clinical Summary of [Your Condition/Population] – Summarize the main clinical features of your selected condition/population. For example, discuss etiology, diagnoses, symptoms, social and emotional impacts, prognosis etc.

Rationale for a Family Systems Approach – Summarize the main arguments from the literature about using a family systems approach to addressing your selected population/condition. For example, what does the literature say about centering interventions within the family or about involving family members in treatment?

Main Recommendations in Using a Family Systems Approach – From the literature, summarize the main recommendations and/or techniques related to doing family-based work to address the condition/population. Write this so the reader can quickly grasp what approach, tools or techniques are recommended.

Treatment Considerations or Caveats – Discuss any issues that should be considered in using a family-based approach for your selected condition/population.