Psychology Assignment on Behavior Modification

PSY 101
Writing Assignment 3 – Behavior Modification
PURPOSE: Apply learning principles to describe how you would change a behavior
• Identify a target behavior that you would like to change.
• State a behavior change goal. For example:
o Stopnailbiting
o Reducesodaconsumption o Startaweeklyexerciseplan
• Outline how you would apply positive reinforcement to make the change. You should describe a specific procedure that outlines the steps involved to make the change.
• Extra Credit:
o Collect baseline data and then continue to collect data over the next month
while implementing the behavior change procedure. o Describetheresults.
1. Paper must be at least 2 pages long, not including any reference section
2. Use APA format:
• Typed and double spaced
• Times New Roman (11- or 12-point font)
• 1-inch margins
• Indent the first line of each new paragraph
• Provide in-text citations and reference any of your sources
• Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors