Propose Strategies to Evaluate a Policy or Program within its Political and Economic Contexts

  • Instructions summed up;
    I chose a local level policy
    Specifically-The Needle Exchange (Harm Reduction) in Cincinnati, Ohio
    Sources you can use;

    1. Identify the forces that led to the adoption of a policy. Compare and contrast the influence of the political, social, economic, and legal forces. Assess their impact and provide evidence to support your assessment.
    2. Identify endogenous and exogenous factors or variables that affect the Policy Process Model.
    Independent variable that affects a model without being affected by it, and whose qualitative characteristics and method of generation are not specified by the model builder.
    An exogenous variable is used for setting arbitrary external conditions, and not in achieving a more realistic model behavior.
    3. Describe the endogenous and exogenous factors that affect the policy process model in regard to your chosen local/state policy.
    4. Explain how these factors affect the policy process model
    5. Evaluate how these factors or variables affected the Policy Process Model, describing their overall impact and influence on the ultimate outcome.
    The listed Instructions for assignment; ( with an example).

    The policy process is generally not perceived to be a linear process. It may consist of both vertical and horizontal movements through time including reiterative cyclical analysis, evaluation, revaluation, redefinition, reargument, persuasive adjustment, consensus building, deconstruction, reconstruction, reformulation, reinvention, advocacy, and strategic coalition building. The process is not only nonlinear, but may be geometric or quadratic, with many different variables having different significance depending upon the point in time in which the policy proposal has developed. For example, oil industry lobby groups seeking favorable oil drilling tax incentives have a greater likelihood of success than one oil company sending position papers to a Texas senator.