Project Management on Lean project/construction management

School of Property, Construction, and Project
BUSM 3134
Advanced Project Management
Assessment 1 Individual Essay 30% End of Week 12
Assessment 2 Group Assessment 50% End of Week 12
Assessment 3 Two In-Class Tests 20% During the semester, check
canvas for details
TOTAL 100%

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Section A – General Information & Requirements
Introduction date Weeks 1 and 2
Due date End of Week 12
Assessment weighting 30% of the total course grade
The aim of this “individual” assessment is to broaden your understanding of the Lean Project Management
theory, application and current industry practice through research within students’ own professional context.
Upon successful completion of this assessment, you will:
1. Get better acquainted with the recent developments and existing literature concerning Lean Project
2. Analyse the fundamental principles of Lean Project management as applied in a project or industry
sector within students’ own professional context.
Following the introduction of the topics and assessments by the lecturer during weeks 7-8, you are required
to address the points listed in Section C of this assessment brief for this individual essay.
The essay will be evaluated for the quality of work rather than the mere number of words. However, it
is expected that the word count for the report will not be less than 2000 words (excluding references).
Submission Requirements
An electronic copy must also be uploaded onto Canvas through Turnitin. Since the submission of electronic
copies is required by RMIT, failure to fulfill this requirement would result in deducting 10% of the final grade
for this assessment.
For the electronic copy to be identifiable on Canvas, the file should be named according to the following

For example,
JohnSmith_ BUSM1276_Assessment1.docx
Late submissions:

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If you submit your essay on time, it will be graded out of 100 points (which is equivalent to 30% of course
grade). Late submissions will only be accepted when an application for “Special Consideration” is approved.
Assessment Feedback
Feedback on this assessment item will typically be provided to you within three weeks of submission.
Plagiarism is theft of intellectual property. Evidence of plagiarism or collusion in any submitted work will
result in a fail (NN) assessment for the student, without prejudice to any other action that the School may
contemplate. It is also a disciplinary offense for students to allow their work to be plagiarized by another
student. Students should be aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding the use of copyright material.

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Section B – Assessment Matrix
The assessment tasks will address the intended learning outcomes and capabilities as per the table below.
What is assessed Assessment 1
Analyze and apply project management contemporary theories
and practices to the management of real-life projects
Apply advanced project management concepts to address
the industry needs in a range of industries and contexts
Utilize analytical techniques for contemporary project planning
Professionally communicate and justify project management
decision making through the application of theory to practice
Critically evaluate alternative project management