Project Activity and Risk Planning” in Project Management in Practice textbook by Mantel et al

Assignment 6

Essay questions

Please read and study Chapter 3 – “Project Activity and Risk Planning” in Project Management in Practice textbook by Mantel et al.

Learning Review Questions – each question is worth 8 points

Complete and submit the following questions.  They will include a series of content, integration, and synthesis related to the reading assignments.

  Questions will cover the content of the material and will require the learner to think critically and contextually about the subject matter.  

Your responses must be complete, using terminology and concepts presented in the primary textbook as well as supplementary resources.  

Write in complete sentences and use good grammar, double-spacing, 12 point font, with one inch margins.  Be sure to cite your resources and

 provide the references using APA format.  Remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors. You should be doing this often

in your responses.


1.  Discuss the reasons for inviting your functional managers to a project   launch meeting rather than their subordinates, who may actually be

doing the work for you.


2.  Discuss the pros and cons of identifying and including the project team at the project launch meeting.


3.  Why is participatory management beneficial to project planning?  How does the process of participatory management actually work in planning?


4.  Under what circumstances is it sensible to do without a project launch meeting?


5.  What limitations associated with traditional project management techniques, such as Gantt charts and precedence diagrams,

does using a Design Structure Matrix (DSM) overcome?


6.  As project manager, for each one of the nine components of a project master plan,

discuss the problems that might be raised if the element was incomplete.


7.  From a project manager’s perspective, give several examples of “types of project” that would benefit from a template project action plan

 being developed.


8.  What causes conflicts on multidisciplinary teams?  As a project manager, what would you try to do to prevent or reduce such conflicts?


9.  Discuss the drawbacks of implementing a project plan without an LRC.


10. You, your family, and friends are planning to host a graduation party at the end of the school year.  Construct a possible action plan for

this party.



Assignment Outcomes

Assess different methods for dealing with conflicts within project management.

Describe the importance of multidisciplinary teams for projects.

Explain how to develop a project budget and the risks associated with it.



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