Progressive Education and Reform Efforts To Improve Urban Education SLP

For the Session Long Project, you will read, analyze, and practice writing education-based policy that influences decisions being made in schools. Policies are written to assist in the organizational direction and are an integral part of any education system. Go to the federal Department of Education website or your state’s Department of Education website and search for education policies.
Here are a few sample websites if needed:
Arizona State Board of Education:
California Department of Education:
Michigan Department of Education:,4615,7-140-5373_5382—,00.html
U.S. Department of Education:
If you are in Higher Education you may use this website to find federal policies related to Higher Education:
For Module 2: Analyzing Policy: Choose one policy from the two you described in Module 1 (SEE ATTACH) to analyze. Write an essay analysis addressing the following questions:
• What is the history of the policy being analyzed? What federal policies or state laws impact the policy (ESSA, IDEA, etc.)?
• Who are the key stakeholders being impacted by the policy?
• What are the goals of the policy?
Your work should be written with the following points in mind:
• Each of the checklist components must be thoroughly addressed.
• A well-developed, well-balanced discussion that develops each point in its own paragraph should be included as appropriate.
• Any references should be cited within the text and also listed at the end of the assignment in the References section. Follow the APA Style format; see
• A reference page, which follows APA requirements, should be included if needed.
• The paper should be double-spaced with font size of 12.
• Your writing should:
• Be clear, logical, and precise
• Have breadth and depth
• Show critical thinking skills