Professional Selling Self-Evaluation of Video Recorded Role Play

Professional Selling

Self-Evaluation of Video Recorded Role Play

Watch your role play and evaluate it “critically.” This means that your evaluation must be accurate, thorough, and balanced (the good things and not-so-good things).  Correct use of course concepts in your evaluation will increase points earned.


  • No cover page is required.
  • Type your name, course #, section #, and date of your roleplay at the top.
  • Single-spaced, 12 point type in Times New Roman typeface.
  • Grammar and spelling are important. Use spell-check, please.
  • You will lose points if you don’t follow the outline format shown below.
  1. Approach
  2. Discuss what you did to create a good first impression and any changes for improvement you would make if you had it to do over again.
  3. Discuss what you said to create interest and any changes you could have made to improve your approach.
  4. Relationship Building
  5. Discuss how you showed the buyer that you were interested in a long-term relationship rather than just a quick sale and how you could have done this better.
  6. Discuss how well you built rapport and credibility and ways to improve.
  • Needs Identification/Confirmation
  1. Discuss how you identified known needs, identified additional needs, and ways to improve.
  2. Discuss how you recapped the 2-3 major concerns of the buyer. Ways to improve?
  3. Presentation
  4. Discuss how you kept the buyer’s attention, improved understanding, helped the buyer to be able to remember, offered proof, and ways to improve.
  5. Discuss how you stressed advantages and benefits instead of just features (provide examples) and ways to improve.
  6. Discuss why you selected to present the features that you did. Ways to improve?
  7. Objections and Questions (answer A-D for each one)
  8. What was the buyer’s question or objection?
  9. Your reply – (what you said and what method you used).
  10. Other ways you could have replied (use 2 methods for each objection). Be sure to label the type of method used.
  11. To way you should have replied. Be sure to discuss why you feel this is the most appropriate reply.
  12. Closing
  13. Discuss how effectively you checked for agreement throughout the presentation, how many trial closes and ways to improve.
  14. Discuss the number of times you tried and the words you used to close. Be sure to label the type of method used.
  15. Discuss what you should have done to close more effectively and why you feel this is the most appropriate.
  • Professionalism
  1. Discuss how well you exhibited professionalism and how you could improve.
  • Communication Skills
  1. Discuss your presentation, questioning, and listening skills and ways to improve.
  2. Discuss your non-verbal communications (body language) and ways to improve.