Professional Practice 1 – Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeships

Briefing note:

I have failed the Professional Practice 1 assignment and I have been asked to resubmit the assignment again, please see assignment submissions and feedback from tutor and their reasons for my failing the first attempt.

To give some context I am a government employee currently working in County Lines Drug and Drugs Supply, the degree is a BSc in Professional Management and the module title is Professional Practice 1 which is an end of year gateway assessment for the modules I had covered in the first year, this modules aim is to see how the learning from the other modules has been applied at work.

The modules completed in the first year are:

The feedback provided by the tutor on the first attempt was: 

“Part 1 – Your rich picture is great, really impressive; it is well-executed, shows lots of complexities, and clearly has you in the middle. I don’t believe it contains any academic theory. However, there is no accompanying narrative! This is a crucial part of this section and its omission meant you got very few marks in part 1. Part 2 – There is no evidence that you have shared this blog-style communication which was, again, a requirement of the assignment brief. You were asked to use a professional development model, such as those on Canvas and you have not done this. It is not clear what piece of work you actually did in response to your ISCO which should have been identified in part 1. Part 3 – Your discussion on risk, whilst quite interesting, once again does not respond to the assignment brief. Amongst other requirements, you should have responded to feedback gained on your blog and you have not done this. The work shows no signs of self-awareness or a sense of developing professional development.

I will need to address these issues in the second attempt at the assignment submission due in two weeks and request the assigned writer to bring out the points mentioned.

I have attached the assignment brief, my failed assignment submission, professional development model and other related documents to assist with the drafting process.