History Research paper on The Wright brothers and manned flight

This research paper is about turning points and every student has a different topic mine is the wright brothers and manned flight. I will paste the instructions my teacher gave us here:

~ “Turning Point”: noun; a point at which a decisive change takes place; critical point; crisis.
~Major historical events are often referred to as ‘turning points’ because they have led to important economic, social, military, cultural, and/or political changes.
~Choose one of the turning points below, and for the one you chose, do the following:
~Create an argumentative thesis, which your paper will support through analysis, primary sources, and other historical evidence.

~Use a minimum of 4 primary sources—not just short quotes—to support your thesis.

~Included in your paper must be an understanding of the political, social, economic, military, and cultural changes caused by your turning point. Some turning points may have ALL of these factors, some may have only a few. You need to make sure that you include everything that applies to your topic.

~Make sure to discuss any specific people, events, laws, wars, court cases, music, movies, art, etc. that were a result of your turning point.