Political science Research Paper Assignment on comparison between U.K and India

Textbook: Comparative Politics: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges by Charles Hauss 9th edition

Instructions: Provide a comparison on a comparison of the politics of Britain and India since Britain was the colony of India in the past, (can work on the influence of British Colonial System on India AND alienation of Indian civilization after British Colonial on cultural perspective)

  1. select two countries to compare in your essay. Select one or both of the countries from among those covered in the course. (The U.K V.S. India) Explain why you chose the particular countries you chose. Perform a binary comparison, not simply a case study of two countries.
  2. Remember, the purpose of comparative analysis is to explain something. Comparative analysis is not simply describing what has taken place or is taking place in two or more countries; the information that you provide should substantively increase the reader’s understanding of the context, basis, and methodology with which the two countries have responded, in the given example, to globalization. If you choose a different topic, for example, an examination of democratization in two countries, you will still be explaining something. With an appropriate elaboration of what this concept means, you will examine what has led to or undermined efforts at democratization in the two countries. Perhaps political party structure, the kind of federalism, the role of bureaucracies, or ethnic cleavages, etc. can explain the democratization you observe. Do not submit a proposal that is simply a description of two countries—this is not acceptable.
  3. Propose what you expect to find in your comparative study. For example, in terms of the globalization example, you may find that globalization has had positive or negative effects, or both, in one or both of your selected countries. What accounts for these effects or divergent results and outcomes between the countries’ institutions, processes, etc.? You may also want to explore the similarities and differences between these two countries’ responses to globalization and explain these similarities and differences. Or, if we take the democratization example, what has happened in terms of democratization in these countries, and why? You may find it useful to think of comparative analysis as defining a dependent variable—that which is to be explained, and one or more independent variables—those things that will do the explaining. However, you choose to conceptualize your task, be sure that you are explaining something.
  4. Propose the relevant chapters from the Hauss text, required readings, Study Guide units, Be sure to explain what these other sources will contribute to your essay;
  5. For “other sources” refer to book chapters and academic journal articles other than those provided in the course. You must use at least three (3) other sources in addition to any materials covered in the course. Note that internet sources (other than online journal articles) do not count towards these three additional references.

Specific requirements are:

  1. In the introduction, state the two countries of your comparative study and explain the choice. This helps establish a context for your essay. Clearly state the topic that is central to your comparison. Very briefly state your findings on the selected topic and briefly describe how you will support your findings (the essay body will then expand on these brief findings and provide the necessary details to support them).
  2. In the body of your essay, support your findings with relevant information, evidence, or examples from the text and the Study Guide. You will also need to support your findings with at least three additional relevant sources found through your own research. In grading your essay, your tutor will examine your evidence or examples in terms of clarity (both logical and writing style), accuracy, adequacy, relevance, and the logic and strength of the overall essay. Moreover, your three additional research sources should be books, book chapters, or articles from academic journals. If you use online sources, consult with your tutor to determine whether the web materials you have selected are acceptable for this assignment.
  3. Also in the body of your essay, clearly state why your findings are significant. If your findings challenge, support, or supplement information about a point made in the Hauss text, the Study Guide, or other sources used for this essay, be sure to say so. Explain why you think your findings are significant in light of other findings.
  4. In your conclusion, briefly summarize your findings and their significance.
  5. Your essay should have a coherent structure. Your discussion should be clear, straightforward, and free of factual, conceptual, and language errors. Reference materials must be clearly cited, with notes. You may choose to use any of the major conventions for citing sources. You must, however, adhere to the rules of the convention you choose. Use the same convention of citation and notes consistently throughout your essay. Provide a bibliography or reference list at the end of your essay.