Political Science Essay on Update on Florida Politics

Update on Florida Politics – Find a current event online on FLORIDA POLITICS that updates a topic discussed from the assigned chapters from the Politics in Florida book for this module (not a previous chapter or module). DO NOT USE CURRENT EVENTS ABOUT NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL POLITICS (PRESIDENT, CONGRESS, FEDERAL COURTS, WAR IN AFGHANISTAN ETC). DO NOT USE A CURRENT EVENT THAT WAS ALREADY DISCUSSED IN YOUR EXTENSION PAPER.  The current event can come from an established media site, an interest group or a government site (avoid blogs and other low quality web sites for this assignment). The current event should normally be something that has occurred within the past 30 days or less (thus it should be current!). Your answer should be between 350-500 words with strongest answers very close to 500 words (but not over as I won’t read past 500 words). Put the word count at the top of your answer.

Use the following format to organize your current event and label each section. Remember to put a space between each section.

Word Count:

Citation Information:


Connection to this Module:

Links to Course Goals:


Here are a few more details about what should go in each section.

Word Count: Includes the total number of words you have written according to the MS Word “word count” – this includes everything from the word “Citation” in the Citation Information subtitle to the last word you write in your evaluation.

Citation Information: Include the article title, author, date published, and source (name of newspaper, magazine, government agency etc) and also post the web-site address so others can visit if they like.

Summary: Summarize the current event providing enough detail to enlighten us to its importance and significance.

Connection to this Module: Clearly explain how it is related to a topic or topics from this module (specifically tie it to information from the Politics in Florida chapters assigned for this module and cite it by page number).

Links to Course Goals: Link your current event to several of the following course goals: Knowledge of political foundations, institutions, processes, or public policy; Comparative approach to other states; Diversity; Political Geography. Do not link to the Extension or Current Event goals. You must make at least one link and should make three links for the highest possible score.

Evaluation: Reflect on and analyze your current event. Explain what you think about the topic covered in your current event and why you think that way. Regardless of how you feel, also acknowledge other points of view to provide balance and to show that you have a thorough grasp of the issue.


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