Political science Assignment on The Nexus of Corruption, Poverty and Politics in Mali.

How the nexus of corruption has influenced politics in Mali?
How Mali has been in the past 10 yrs because of corruption?
Causes and Consequences:
Life quality
The Rule of Law
Healthcare System
Affect business operation
Economies Growth
Papers will consist of a refined work – introduction (topic, questions, thesis), a systematically developed and organized body, a conclusion, and a bibliography properly formatted.

First, an introduction, which clearly introduces the topic (a topic statement); your research questions; and your thesis(es) (i.e., your answers to the questions; the arguments you will develop). Your questions and answers should indicate to the reader the order in which you will develop your case.

Second, body paragraphs should be systematically organized based on the framework provided by the thesis statement(s). Use section headings to demarcate parts of the body. They should be properly formatted and bolded. Each of the body paragraphs should contain a topic statement (a mini-thesis) that organizes its contents, the evidence, and arguments supporting your position. You should also incorporate your sources through in-text parenthetical citations.
Third, a conclusion, the contents of which depend on the nature and structure of your argument.

Fourth, a list of references/works cited/bibliography, wherein you provide a list of the sources used in developing your paper. Each of the sources listed should have been referenced in the text. Keep in mind that you are required to have engaged at least 5 scholarly sources, along with any number of popular sources. Also, identify the format used for in-text and end-text citations.