Political science Assignment on Research Plan Question and Asnwer Form

Dear Writer, I have a form that consists of 4 Questions (I will attach it with the order). Each question needs at least 500 words. I will attach my research proposal to help you answer these questions, and also the last file is the list of some courses I studied during my bachelor’s degree in political science, and I will provide additional information below for each question.

For Q1: Please write about my interest in Japan and Japanese politics and history, and why you think Japan has an important role in the political field, and how important for me to study in Japan for my career at a very reputable university such as the university of AAA (refer to the university with this name please) . and because the politic major in this university is one of the best in world. Also, that I have looked at the curriculum of the school, and it matches what I want to study and research about ( you can refer to what I want to research in the research proposal too)
Also, add some information about that I have been to Japan before in an exchange program in 2017 for one semester at “BBB University” to study about Japanese culture and Japanese language, and how much I learned from this experience and how it enlightened me and increase my interest in Japanese politics and history to pursuing my master in Japan. Also, add things about, I want to have an intercultural exchange between my country “Saudi Arabia” and Japan, and there is a lot interest in Japanese culture and politics in my country, and also trade opportunities.
These are some of the ideas for question one, please add more confining words and ideas and reasons that you think will make my answer more appealing. If you need more information please let me know I will be happy to give you more.

For Q2: mention that I have studied Political Science at the University of CCC (Bachelor degree from 2013-2017). Talk about the courses I studied in my bachelor’s ( I will attach a list of the courses I have taken) and what I have learned from them, and that prepared me to understand more about politics. Also, mention that during this period I worked on my own personal blog (website) writing about various topics of politics, especially about Japan and my country Saudi Arabia.

and talk about that currently I am working as a teaching assistant at a university in Saudi Arabia, and I have taught some lectures to more than 400 students, in subjects like Asian Studies to 70 students, Arab political ideology to 200 students, and Western political ideology to 170 students. Moreover, my future plan is to come to the university of AAA In Japan to do my master’s and Ph.D. to become an excellent researcher in this field.
Please add more information to make it more appealing if you need more information please let me know.

For Q3 and Q4: I will attach my research proposal so please answer it from the proposal, and also add additional things that you think it will make it more appealing, and also for (Q4) make a plan ( in your own words) and talk about how I will achieve it during my 2 years in the university. and also please make the answer tailored to what the questions are asked for like reasons, focus on this research, etc.

For Q3 the sources: Please use the same sources in the research proposal.

I am happy to explain anything that is not clear to you. This is a very important form and I trust you to write it well.

Best Regards