Political Assignment on Karl Marx case study

Assessment 2: essay (2,000 words).

Throughout the second term, we will continue our exploration of the history of Western Political Thought, although (barring Karl Marx), this time focus on twentieth-century contributions. Whilst our lectures will provide an overview of the thought of each of our chosen thinkers, whilst reiterating and discussing the lecture’s key themes, our seminar activities will seek to apply their insights to events, issues, and debates characteristic of contemporary times. As with part one of your assessment, the aim here is ultimate to prepare you for the form of your second assessment: an individual essay, the title of which is:

‘Drawing on the work of one of the thinkers studied throughout this module, critically apply their insights to a case study of your choice’ (2,000 words).

You can choose from any of the thinkers studied throughout the module – either in term one or term two. Each week we will apply what you have learned and I will be on hand to discuss your ideas with you.

 We will have a dedicated class at the start of term two focusings specifically on the ‘how’ aspects of political theory/part two’s assessment. We will also have another class in the middle of term two dedicated to sharing ideas and for me to provide formative feedback. Hopefully, this process will also be of interest/use to some of you who decide to pursue a political theory dissertation!

For this assessment, in contrast to the readings submitted in term one, you are required to make use of a range of both primary and secondary materials. A list of interesting academic materials is provided weekly in the ‘resources’ section of each section of the module and a more substantial range of indicative materials can be found via the module’s resource list.