Philosophy of Love and Sex (2018)

Philosophy of Love and Sex (2018)
PHIL 225
Professor: Zeev Perelmuter
How to Write the Essay?
Write a two-three double-space page essay (500-750 words), answering one of the following
four questions.
(1) Is brotherly love indeed the most fundamental type of love, as Fromm maintains? Why
yes or why not?
(2) Does Fromm’s distinction between erotic love and true erotic love reflect the reality of
life? Why yes or why not?
(3) It can be argued that the story of creation in the Book of Genesis portrays women as
inferior and subordinate to men. This perception of women is still deeply rooted in many
religions. Is it possible to change this perception in people of faith who hold it? Why yes
or why not?
(4) Marquis de Sade suggests that most men and women are born with wild sexual urges and
phantasies but they do not dare to fulfil them. Assuming that Sade is right, do wild
phantasies reflect normal sex? Why yes or why not?
(5) The views of de Sade are opposite to those of Aquinas. If you had to live your life
according to the convictions of one of the two thinkers, would you choose Aquinas? Why
yes or why not?
Your main goal is to write a well-designed, argumentative essay while showing some knowledge of
the relevant course material. But the main point is not to show knowledge of the course material but
to answer the question of your choice in a logical and interesting/imaginative way.
The essay should be written in the following way.
In the first paragraph, you need to do two things. First, provide an answer to the question of your
choice. The answer will be either yes or no. This will be your thesis. Second, state the arguments
that justify your answer. In other words, the first paragraph is the plan of your essay.
In the following paragraphs, carry on the plan from the first paragraph.
Imagine that you could choose the question: Should women be free to perform abortion whenever
they want? Yes or no? Here are two examples of how you could have written the outline.
Example 1
I believe that women should be free to perform abortion whenever they want. The reasons are as
(1) Women have been disadvantaged for centuries in man-ruled societies. It is about time women are
free to make decisions about their lives, just like men are free to make decisions about theirs.
(2) It is primarily the mother who is likely to suffer from the consequences of an unwanted
pregnancy. Therefore discontinuing pregnancy should be exclusively her choice. I will illustrate this
point discussing a movie, in which a very young woman decided to keep the baby but was left by her
boyfriend shortly after giving birth, and suffered dire consequences as a result.
(3) One might say that the fetus is already a person and therefore should have the right to live.
(4) I shall argue that even though a fetus is potentially a person, a woman is already a fully developed
one, and therefore her rights outweigh the rights of the fetus.
Example 2
I believe that women should not be allowed to perform abortions whenever they want. I offer the
following arguments to justify my position.
(1) I maintain that God is the creator of life and therefore only He can take it; no one else.
(2) A voluntary abortion does not exist in any other animal species, and human beings should not be
an exception.
(3) Nevertheless, I would allow abortion in extreme cases such as rape or pregnancy that might
endanger the mother’s life. To make my point, I will briefly present Mr. Smith’s story. Mr. Smith, a
deeply religious person, became an advocate for abortion, after his wife’s tragic death during
As far as this assignment is concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you argue in favor or against the
given claim. What matters is your ability to justify your position.
It’s often a good idea to use examples from movies, books, historical facts, life experience, stories
that you heard, and the like, in order to enrich the essay and/or illustrate your arguments.
Due Date: November 16. 2018
Submit the essay outline through Blackboard. Click “Assignments” located under “Course Tools” on
the left side of the screen. Then click “Essay.”
Late submission penalty: As specified in the course outline, late assignments will be penalized 5%
per day, as per the value of the assignment to a maximum of 5 business days. Assignments
submitted after this time may not be accepted and may receive a failing grade of “0” zero.
Make sure that:
You proofread the final draft of your essay and get rid of typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.
If you have been told that your writing style requires improvement, please take advantage of the
Writing Centre services located on the third floor of the LRC building. Make an appointment and go
there with a draft of your essay; they will help you to improve it.
Avoid Plagiarism at Any Cost!!!
Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. Typical acts of plagiarism include presenting ideas of
someone else as if they were your own. Never copy and paste text from websites to your essay!
You must always reference any text that you are using. You will find additional information in the
Avoiding Plagiarism: A Quick Reference Guide below. Please read it carefully before writing the
essay. Committing an act of plagiarism may result in a mark of 0 as well as an official charge of
academic misconduct.
The Department of Liberal Studies takes academic integrity very seriously and wants to ensure
that each student is aware of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. An accusation of plagiarism
can lead directly to serious consequences, ranging from failing an assignment or a course to
expulsion from your program and Humber College.
Many teachers discuss plagiarism in class to help students prepare for assignments, but it is still
your responsibility to avoid plagiarism. This document provides information and links to online
resources that can help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Also provided is a
straightforward guide to correct quotation practices.
Here are two videos that explain what plagiarism is and the potential consequences for doing it:
The main point to keep in mind is this: If you want to include another person’s ideas in your own
writing you must paraphrase the ideas in your own words or use direct quotes. And, whether you
use direct quotes or paraphrasing, you must acknowledge the original source by properly citing
the original author. In short, the best way to avoid plagiarism is to be honest.
The first link below gives you crucial information about properly quoting, paraphrasing and
summarizing information. The second document shows you how to make citations within the
text and how to present your different sources (e.g. books, articles, internet sites) on the
References page of your essay or assignment.
The Department of Liberal Studies handles accusations of plagiarism first at the level of studentteacher;
then a Coordinator and/or the Associate Dean become involved in assessing penalties.
This is done in accordance with Humber College’s 2011-2012 Academic Regulations, which
define plagiarism and the academic penalty associated with it as:
Plagiarism … is misrepresenting the work of others as one’s own. Plagiarism can be understood
as the act of copying, reproducing or paraphrasing significant portions of someone else’s
published or unpublished material, and representing these as one’s own thinking by not
acknowledging the appropriate source or by the failure to use appropriate quotation marks.1
An academic penalty may begin with the assignment of a grade of zero (0) in such situations.
This can be extended up to and including a record of academic misconduct on a student’s
transcript, rescinding Humber scholarships and bursaries, suspension from a program/course, and
expulsion from the college. If you have questions regarding any of the information in this
document, please refer your questions to your teacher or seek assistance at the Writing Center in
GH202 at the North Campus or F201 at the Lakeshore Campus.
1 Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning. (2011). 2011-2012 Academic Regulat