Personal Philosophy of Nursing Assignment


The Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper provides the student the opportunity to formulate and defend their philosophy of nursing within the nursing metaparadigm and Christian worldview. The Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper will be evaluated according to the grading rubric. The nursing Faculty will evaluate and make recommendations for revision. The Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper will be inducted into the student professional portfolio.
Components of the Paper:
Your Story: Identify and support your motivation for pursuing a career as a prepared advanced practice nurse. Do not use the first person. Limit: 1 Page.
Christian Worldview: Describe your worldview of Truth, the Bible, and God. Describe the nursing metaparadigm according to a Biblical worldview (Person, Environment, Health, Nurse). You will use and cite sources but should articulate your own view of each concept. Limit: 4 Pages.
Implications for Practice: Discuss the implications of your biblical worldview on your theory-guided nursing role and practice across populations served. Be specific as to the population with which you will work after obtaining your degree. Limit: 2 Pages.


• Limit to 7 pages (excluding title and reference pages)
• Minimum of 4 peer-reviewed scholarly references.
• Use headings and subheadings to organize and separate sections of your paper.
• Do not use the first person as this is a formal paper. You may say “this writer”.