Performance Appraisal for each department in Sheraton Hotel in 2020

I need this paper to be writing in a professional way. thanks
I will provide you information to draw a chart and graph in excel based on the given information, attached, a sample explain what I want exactly, these are the departments :
Food and Beverage
Front office
evaluate them as the attached picture from poor to excellent and make the result out of 100%

and write a reflection such as ;

“I have looked at the organization’s sickness over the last twelve months and taken the figures from the monthly HR reports. The blue line shows the number of days off per month for the whole Council and the red line shows the national average for local government. The graph shows me that the organization is doing well compared to the industry average however, the Council seems to have a high absence in the winter months than in the summer months, this could be because there are a lot of manual workers within the organization, who have to deal with working outside in colder temperatures resulting in employees being off with flu-like symptoms. The graph shows that we had just over 4,500 working days lost due to sickness for the last financial year and required the Council to use agency workers to cover front line services resulting in a huge bill from the agency. We need to look at effective absence management which in return increases the number of time employees is available to deliver services, thus securing improvements in efficiency and quality of provision.

Effective absence management is prevented or impaired by:

* a lack of top management commitment
* insufficient training of managers
* a lack of appropriate data
* insufficient support from employees and their representatives * policies which are viewed only as punitive
I believe we need to tackle absence management by supporting managers and guiding them through the absence management policy to ensure every member of staff is fairly treated and dealt with accordingly. We could look closely into the operations side of the organisation and have a look at industrial injuries and see what is causing these and see about having risk assessments done, if necessary, to help prevent staff from injuring themselves and being absent from work.”

the above is an example of what I want and I will send you my whole work to help you understand.
Inactivity one, write a mini explanation of Data types: qualitative and quantitative data، provide examples (130 words)and choose where to mention it, I already mentioned my draft you can use it but do not send it to anyone or share it because it’s non-legal they will take my membership so please do not share it, thanks.
provide a reference from books or researches related to CIPD books or reports, like 3 references (HARVARD STYLE) should be referring to CIPD level 3
and the other 2 you can use official websites

and when u add a citation write it like this ” as Dr, Beverly mentions in her ,”.