Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Annotated Bibliography

After reviewing the 13-item Patient Activation Measure (PAM), do a search on the topic. Select 5 scholarly articles that discuss the PAM. These articles can be on any topic related to the PAM. 

Your written submission should include a title page, the search criteria you used for the articles (database searched), the topic you chose to research more in-depth, and why. The body of the paper submission should include the APA citation for the article, a brief one-paragraph summary of the article, followed by the second article citation and summary, etc. Citations should be in alphabetical order. Conclude the paper with a one-paragraph summary of what you learned from the articles.

Examples of annotated bibliographies can be seen at:


Annotated Bibliographies // Purdue Writing Lab

Annotated Bibliography Samples // Purdue Writing Lab

  • Watch Webinar:
  1. “Application of the Patient Activation Measure to Improve Care Transitions and Health Outcomes.”
  2. “Opportunities to Improve Diabetes Outcomes through Electronic Patient Engagement”(Please scroll down and look for the “Resource Links” to access the recording under “Archived Webinar”. Once you click on the link, you will only need to fill in your name. If you get an error, just refresh and you will be able to access