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Overcoming Opioid Addiction among Adults in America

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Overcoming Opioid Addiction among Adults in America

Developmental Psychology

Research Paper Guidelines




  • Choose a topic related to development. Something we will be covering in class.  Then choose the age period you will be discussing related to the topic i.e., infancy, toddler, adolescent, late adulthood.  For instance Autism in Adolescence, Impact of Breastfeeding on Infants, etc.


  • Obtain a minimum of 4 references. These can be journal articles (peer reviewed) or books. NO WEBSITES!!! = Please use the WSC Learning Commons to access your Resources. If prompted login with your Blackboard credentials. 

You will likely have to login to the site using your Blackboard credentials.


  • Using those references write a 7 page minimum paper (This includes a Title page, Abstract, 4 Pages of Content and a Reference Page. Be sure to reword information used into your own words and cite sources throughout your paper.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE information from resource.


  • You must cite your sources throughout the paper- If it is not your idea- cite it. Direct quotes MUST have a page number. (5 quote maximum in the paper) Review what a “block quote” is and how to format it.


  • Your paper must be in APA format- follow the template provided.


Reference Page 25 points  Reference page in APA format with all references listed.


Rough Draft 25 Points – Feedback will be given on your rough draft.  Rough draft must be a fully formatted paper.


Paper- 150 pts See the grading rubric for each section and points


You will also need to submit your paper to “SafeAssign”- for scanning of plagiarized areas. (There will be two draft sections to do this in and then a Final paper section) Any plagiarized section earns zero points.  You must have a match of less than 30% for the paper to be graded.  More than 30% leads to a zero.


** Late submissions- 5 points will be deducted starting the day after each section is due for each day the reference page, rough draft or paper is past the due date (weekends count too)


**This is a research paper- do not use “I” in this paper.  Do not put in your opinion or personal feelings or experiences. Read the attached example paper to get the feel of how a research paper is written. Your paper will be marked down if you choose to ignore this direction.



Elements of the Research Paper- Your paper should inform the reader about various aspects of your topic.


  1. Title page: Running head on left with title of paper in all caps

(Running head: PARENTING), page number on upper right corner***(Title and page numbers on all remaining pages)

*Hint: To set up your running head correctly-click 1st page different in header section)

Also centered on the title page: (upper and lower case-no bold)

Title of paper, your name, course title, school, date.


  1. Abstract: Starts on a new page-running head on upper left, page number on upper right. Abstract is typed all flushed left-no indentation of first sentence. It is a brief summary of your topic. Note how Keywords section. (Read some abstracts to get an idea) **Write your abstract after you finish your paper.


  1. Introductory paragraphs- Starts a new page with running head and page number with title of the paper centered –upper and lower case-no bold. (DO NOT put Introduction)

Briefly explain the topic, give statistics, what population you are focusing on-developmental stage, etc


  1. Body of the Paper- Organize your topic into sections:


  1. Describe your topic (detailed- look for various viewpoints, and theories)
  2. Recent Research- this section is where I want you to look for the most recent studies on the topic you have chosen. (within the last 15 years)


  1. Conclusions- Wrap up your paper with a paragraph that summarizes what you have discussed and what the future holds for this topic.


  1. References- Separate page- APA format- Alphabetical order, indent after 1st line. Minimum of 4 References are required







  1. Four or more sources from professional journals, articles, and books-NO WEBSITES. The textbook does not count as one of your required resources.




  1. APA Format- use the website- or use the APA section in your Style Manual from Comp 1 or buy the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (a $25 investment if you plan to go into psych or nursing or another field that requires APA format.)


  1. Font/Spacing/Margins: 12 pt. Times New Roman, Double-spaced and all margins should be one inch.


5.    Review sample pages on APA Tutorial website or on OWL site:

Pay close attention to: Running heads- All caps, page numbers must be same font as paper. Indent all paragraphs except on the Abstract, Do not use All Caps on titles and headings. Look carefully at section headings- some must be bold and left aligned and some must be centered and not bold-look at the criteria for APA on website and in the APA manual.


6.    Headings Subheadings must follow APA format.

Abstract is centered not bold

References is centered not bold

No introduction heading in APA format

Subheading would be flush left bold

Next Major heading should be centered and bold-like Literature Review on Research or Research on….

Discussion or Conclusions-centered and bold


  1. Reference Page-must follow APA format (very different from MLA)

Alphabetical order by author (you must cite every author listed on the article-DO NOT CHANGE the order of the authors in an article)

2nd and 3rd, etc. lines are indented

Double space



  • I will give a zero to papers that contain plagiarized sections- you MUST cite sources used!!
  • Double check that if you cited in the text-the reference is also cited on the Reference page. CHECK your spelling of authors’ names-if you spell them differently in the text from the reference page – I will take off 10 points!




  • Review how to cite single authors, multiple authors on the APA websites
  • Quotes should be cited with author, year and page number
  • (Raymond, 1993, p. 18).
  • Review punctuation- usually it is after the citation except in block quotes (40 or more words)
  • If you are citing information from an author- you can start a sentence like: Raymond (1993) states… or you can cite at the end of the information (Raymond, 1993).
  • When in doubt-CITE THE SOURCE!!


How to find resources:

  • Access the online Learning Commons
  • You may be asked to login, if so use your Blackboard Credentials.















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