Synthesis Paper
This paper allows students to synthesize and apply the concepts presented throughout this course in a meaningful way.
1. The student will propose a fictitious or actual DNP project.
2. Identify a vulnerable group along with a health disparity and associated social determinant(s) of health.
a. Describe the vulnerable group’s health concern statistically (incidence and prevalence) in relation to local, national, and global incidence and prevalence.
b. Include a brief description of how the concept of social justice applies in this population.
3. Identify and discuss a (1) appropriate cultural, vulnerable population, or health disparity theory to guide the project.
4. Identify through the literature and discuss strategies implemented, in place, or planned to resolve the health problem and/or access to care (a brief literature review).
5. Identify and discuss your project’s proposed intervention (1). Use theoretical language from the chosen theory alongside nursing language to describe it.
a. In this section, be sure to “marry” the language of your chosen theory with your project.
6. Describe how the DNP project fills a gap in research and how the proposed intervention will help resolve the health problem.

This paper should be no more than 6 pages (not counting title and reference pages) and written in current APA format.

And also follow the attached rubric
This paper counts 25% of FB my grade