Nursing Response Essay Assignment on Health Informatics in Nursing

To complete this Assessment, respond to the following 2-part components related to workplace scenarios involving health informatics in nursing

Part 1: Health Informatics Orientation for New Nurses

Write a 1- to the 2-page information sheet that addresses the following scenario:

You are responsible for orienting several new graduates to your nursing unit. The new hires are scheduled to begin an orientation session with the health informatics department. Prior to the orientation, the new hires need to gain a baseline understanding of the history and evolution of nursing informatics. To assist with their understanding, create a new-hire information sheet that addresses the following topics (1–2 pages):

– Describe the key components that contribute to the definition of nursing informatics.
– Provide a brief explanation of the historical evolution of health informatics in general.
– Describe the aspects of healthcare that the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act sought to improve when it was signed into law.
– Explain the concept of meaningful use and how it relates to nursing informatics.

Part 2: Electronic Health Records
Write a 1-page response that addresses the following scenario:

A patient approaches you after her consultation with her physician. Her physician had reviewed her electronic health record with her during the consultation. The patient realized that some of the information in her EHR was incorrect. The patient asks you to make changes to this information. Is this possible? Why or why not? Write a 1-page response that includes the following:

– Describe what you would tell the patient in this scenario regarding making changes to her electronic health record (EHR).
– Explain your reasons for responding to the patient in the way you describe.
– Be sure to reference any legal requirements related to EHRs.

All References are not older than 5 years