Nursing Research paper on HIV/AIDS Specialty Care for Pregnant women

Research Specialty Care Paper
Research about this topic and write an APA paper:
1. HIV/AIDS Specialty Care for Pregnant women
The paper must be in APA style and all in-text citations should be in APA format, with a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 8 pages in double spaces not including the cover and reference pages.
** Rubric for this assignment is at the end of the course syllabus and posted on Blackboard.
Assignment #1- Research Specialty Care Paper-Rubrics
Introduction (20%)
(1) Clearly identifies the topic,
(2) Establishes goals and objectives of presentation
(3) Introduce clearly the topic
The population at Risks Factors (10%)
The population is clearly stated including possible risks factors and medical history.
Research Content EBP (20%)
Excellent EBP provided. Followed the CDC recommendations and
Education (10%)
Excellent education provided including
strategic tools methods by following the EBP guidelines

Body and Content (20%)
Excellent body content and well-chosen topic. Easy
to read with the essential information throughout without mistakes Adequate length 5 to 8 pages’ length.

Conclusion (10%)
Excellent Conclusion clearly supported by the information presented at the end of the paper

APA including grammar and spelling (10%)
Excellent spelling and no grammar errors Use APA guidelines accurately and consistently to cite sources References within five (5) years.