Nursing Research Paper on Effects of abused substance on pregnant women

Evidence-Based Practice Paper : This is for the study process

1.Identify and describe a clinical practice problem that affects a pediatric/childbearing client. (10 pts.)
Pls write on this :
Effects of abused substances on pregnant women
2. Review and analyze the current research and clinical literature pertinent to the key issues of the clinical practice problem, including any published standards. Integration of this content should also be evident throughout the paper. (30 pts.)

3. Relate to and include a physiological/psychological/pathophysiological, behavioral, developmental theory (15 pts.)

4. Describe the cost implications of the problem. (10 pts.)

5. Summarize the significance of this case to the APN role, e.g., identify relevant specialty competencies. (25 pts.)

6. Efficacy of writing style, grammar, spelling, correct citations, current APA format, and logical progression of ideas.