Nursing Research Paper on Disaster Management

Write a research paper regarding disasters in your community (HOUSTON TEXAS) (maximum of 4 pages, excluding the title page and references). The required elements of the paper include the following:

  • Assess your community for a potential disaster that could result in mass casualties and property damage, or report on a disaster that has occurred in your community.
  • Who is responsible for disaster management in your community?
  • What is the role of your police and fire department during a disaster?
  • How is your community notified of disaster warnings?
  • What social and cultural factors need to be considered in disaster planning in your community?
  • Is there an evacuation plan in your community?
  • How does your health care facility plan for a disaster?
  • If you and your family are in an area with a potential for disaster, what is your plan?

Note: This assignment should be submitted as a formal, APA formatted paper. The template attached below MUST be used when writing this paper. Use of the template is NOT an option.