Nursing Reflection paper/Reflection essay Assignment on Atopic dermatitis

Instructions: You are required to write a reflective essay on ATOPIC DERMATITIS. The reflective essay requires you to reflect on the management of atopic dermatitis.
You may consider reflecting on the following issues:
a) Your understanding of the topic
b) The main issues or concepts from the topic. You are required to search for 2 recent articles (within 5 years “2016 and onwards”) on atopic dermatitis.
c) Compare and contrast the management of the condition and discuss the current trend or nursing care of the pediatric client with the condition. Your essay should include references to relevant literature.

The word limit is 1500 words (References not included)
Must include:
• Introduction to Topic – Emphasise significant aspects of atopic dermatitis.
• Similarities and differences in the management of condition – Able to identify and discuss the similarities and differences in the management of atopic dermatitis comprehensively.
• Discussion of Nursing care – Provide a detailed discussion of nursing care with relevant and supporting evidence from the literature.