Nursing Policy Brief paper on Florida Senate Bill for Medical Marijuana

Policy Brief Paper

FYI-This paper is on the Florida Senate Bill for Medical Marijuana (SB 182)

Policy briefs provide a quick explanation of the policy issue or problem or a snapshot of the issue or policy. The student will write a policy brief related to health care and the effect on nursing practice, particularly Nurse Practitioners.

Instructions and items needed for the paper:

  • Introductory statement (this can be in the introductory paragraph)
  • Purpose statement (see Box 15-11 to develop this)
  • Context and Background of the policy as well as policy options or alternative, etc. (please see Box 15-11 attached for the details needed to be addressed in the paper)
  • Conclusion
  • Must be in narrative format/Third person
  • APA 7th Edition for all in-text citations, references, and paper logistics
  • Four pages of body text
  • Three peer-reviewed journal articles (please see attached, I have included 4 articles for you to choose 3 from and a website for the State of Florida to obtain the SB 182: Medical Use of Marijuana info, as well as a breakdown I created of the bill, which is below. ) Please visit the following site, as this can be used throughout the paper as a source.
  • Must pertain to healthcare and nursing discipline


  1. Introductory statement of the issue

-Clear statement of the issue or problem to be addressed
-Context and background of the issue

-Most effective in bulleted format


– Background of the issue

-Key regulatory and legislative history

-Related data—statistics, demographics, recent trends
-Current references for all data provided

  1. Policy options or alternatives

-Pros and cons of each policy option or alternative

-Timetable for action

-Political perspective associated with each policy option and alternative

-Placement of each policy option within the policymakers’ policy agenda, values, and previous commitments

-Political vote count for each policy option (if known)

  1. Resources

-Full references citations

Breakdown of SB 182

Description of Bill

SB 182: Medical Use of Marijuana

Allowing for medical usage of marijuana that is purchased from a medical marijuana treatment center to use said marijuana for medical use by smoking (The Florida Senate). This bill encompasses smoking, possession, use, or administration of said drug with its exception for medicinal purposes (The Florida Senate).  Additionally, said law restricts smoking of marijuana in enclosed indoor workplaces and would require documentation submitted by a physician meeting specific criteria (The Florida Senate).

Identify if it is a state or federal bill and include the bill’s number (H.R.# or S#)

This is a State of Florida Bill (SB 182)

Identify the title, purpose, and intended group/population, and outcome (if already determined)

Title: Medical Use of Marijuana

Purpose: To allow for patients who need marijuana for medicinal purposes to use said drug legally

Intended group/population: Patients with chronic pain issues, i.e., Cancer patients

Outcome: This bill was passed on March 18, 2019

Identify the bill’s legislative sponsors

Senator Jeff Brandes and Senator Linda Stewart (The Florida Senate).

 Explain the reason for this bill selection 

I chose this bill as it is a controversial topic, and because, as a PMHNP, I will be treating many patients with opioid dependency due to chronic pain issues, I would like to gain more knowledge on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. As such, marijuana has been shown to have a high capability for therapeutic efficacy with minimal potential for abuse and addiction (Tran & Kavuluru, 2020