Nursing Movie Review Assignment on HIV & Ebola by And the band Played On

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While watching the movie be sure to note the following main discussion points and pay attention to the timeframe as the number of cases grows.  This is an HBO film which is based on an excellent non-fiction book documenting the beginning of the HIV crisis in this country.  The factual content of the movie is accurate. Please answer questions in order by numbered paragraph

1.)  What were some of the original political, social and financial factors that impacted the control and prevention of HIV when the disease was first discovered?  Do these factors still impact the control and prevention of the disease?

2.)  What types of study designs were initially used to try to identify what was causing the clusters of immunosuppressed patients dying from opportunistic diseases?

3.)  What was the first proposed test to screen the blood supply?  Who were the vested parties involved in this decision and what were the opposing arguments?

4.)  In the beginning of the film you observe a re-enactment of an Ebola outbreak that actually did occur but was contained.  We have now seen a much larger Ebola outbreak which had and continues to have global repurcussions.  What are the characteristics of Ebola and HIV that helped to control the outbreaks of both diseases and what are the characteristics of both diseases that increased the numbers of people effected by the outbreaks?  How did differences in social, political, and financial factors impact the control of both outbreaks?    Movies is called “And the band Played On”