Nursing Informatics WA 4 Assignment

Research a topic of interest from chapter 20 related to nursing informatics and nursing education. Some topics to consider are:

Virtual worlds
Educational games
Purpose and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to describe the use of technology tools and delivery modalities used in nursing education, to compare and contrast knowledge assessment methods, and to explore knowledge acquisition and sharing.

Develop a 750- to 1500-word paper (3 to 5 pages) answering the questions below. You should also provide a minimum of three in-text citations and associated references when answering the questions, being mindful of the standards of care and scope of practice for nursing informatics, HIPAA, the Joint Commission, and other regulatory agencies.

Describe your chosen topic.
How can your chosen topic be designed to provide optimal education for nursing students?
What are some challenges associated with your chosen topic?
How might your topic be integrated into the nursing school curriculum to increase patient, practitioner, and hospital safety?