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Each competency must be represented by at least one artifact in your ePortfolio. A total of 10 competency specific artifacts must be uploaded within Portfolium. You may add skill tags that guide the reviewer to specific credential examples such as leadership, caring theory, deliberative practice, etc.

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the program learning outcome
Accept accountability and responsibility for professional judgment and actions.
Integrate professional values and role behaviors.

Design care for individuals, groups, and communities.
Incorporate methods of health promotion and education in nursing care of individuals, families and groups with simple to complex healthcare needs.
Demonstrate the role of the global citizen.
Collaborate with other groups to shape health policies that affect both individual and community health.

Assume leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams within healthcare organizations.

Enhance professional nursing practice through the use of research- and evidence-based practice.
Integrate methods of research and scholarship to make and prioritize diagnoses.
Examine the problems of contemporary health and illness.

Quality and Safety in Nursing Education (QSEN) Competencies

Aligned competencies are included here in a list. For more information view and select Competencies to review detailed information on the items listed below:

Patient-centered Care
Teamwork and Collaboration
Evidence-based Practice (EBP)
Quality Improvement (QI)