Nursing Discussion Essay Assignment on Module 7 DNP 802-Genetics/807-Telehealth

Genetics and Genomics are new horizons in the field of medicine, and while they bring the tremendous potential for improved health and healing- there are unique ethical and policy challenges that come along with the territory. Read the Case of Jesse Gelsinger. What are the main ethical considerations and challenges presented in this case? How did healthcare policies at the time affect the care and treatment of the patient? What are the main takeaways from this case study?

2. Do an online search for telehealth legislation for Medicare and for Pennsylvania, paying particular attention to reimbursement and licensure requirements. Share your findings here. Do you think the increased use of these telehealth technology tools will be viewed as “de-humanizing” patient care or will they be viewed as a means to promote more contact with healthcare providers and new ways for people to “stay connected” (as online disease support groups), thereby creating better long term disease management and patient satisfaction? Why or why not? Be sure to cite your sources.

3. Read the brief, “Crowdsourcing App Detects Flu Activity” at What are the advantages and disadvantages of using crowdsourced Social Media data during disaster response.

(Please use 2 references for question 1 only and 1 reference each on questions 2 and 3).