Nursing Discussion Essay Assignment on BSN 266 Discussion – Inflammation

Please make sure who gets this has a medical background. I would put at the end References that can be used.
Please refer to the patient when respond. Here is the case study
Discussion: Inflammation
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Patient Profile
G.N., a 65-year-old African American man, was admitted to the hospital emergency department with partial-thickness burns that involved his face, neck, and upper trunk. He also had a lacerated right leg. His injuries occurred about 36 hours earlier when he fell out of a tree onto his gas grill (which was lit) while trimming tree branches.
Subjective Data
• Complains of a slightly hoarse voice and irritated throat

• States that he tried to treat himself because he does not have health insurance

• Has been coughing up sooty sputum

• Complains of severe pain in the left hip

Objective Data

Physical Examination

• Leg wound is gaping and has drainage: temperature 101.1° F (38.4° C)

• X-rays reveal a fractured right tibia and fractured left hip

Laboratory Studies

• WBC count 26,400/µL (26.4 × 109/L) with 80% neutrophils (10% bands)

Interprofessional Care

• Surgery is performed to repair the left hip.

Discussion Questions

1. What clinical manifestations of inflammation did G.N. exhibit, and what are their pathophysiologic mechanisms?

2. What type of exudate formation did he develop?

3. What is the basis for the development of the temperature?

4. What is the significance of his WBC count and differential?

5. Because his wound was gaping, primary tissue healing was not possible. How would you expect healing to take place? What complications could he develop?

6. What risk factors does G.N. have to develop a pressure ulcer?

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