Nursing Course Reflection Paper

This class was Advancing Nursing Practice
I had to submit 3 written assignments. And I have included all of those.
This assignment is 2 pages of course reflection paper.

• Indicate the BSN program outcome(s) and relate the assignment back to the BSN outcome(s) it reflects.
• Discuss how the selected assignment supports one or more BSN program outcomes.
• Describe what you learned while completing the assignment.

BSN Outcomes
On completion of the BSN degree program, the graduate will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the use of critical thinking skills in the integration of current nursing knowledge and evidence-based findings to direct clinical practice decisions.
2. Apply knowledge of human diversity, ethics, and safe, client-focused care in the design, implementation, evaluation, and quality management of healthcare across the lifespan.
3. Demonstrate the use of effective communication strategies to identify, manage and exchange knowledge with clients, healthcare professionals, and community members.
4. Analyze the effect of health policy on the organization, financing, and delivery of healthcare.
5. Use information technology to manage knowledge, communicate information, and facilitate decision making in nursing practice.
6. Synthesize the multi-dimensional roles of professional nursing to provide leadership for nursing practice.
7. Demonstrate a commitment to advanced study and lifelong learning.

Thank you.