Nursing Case Study Assignment on Angelman Syndrome

Based on the case study video, discuss the following:    
  • Introduction – Brief introductory of “Angelman Syndrome” with great clarity.
  • Identification of problem – Based on this video
  1. Problem identified à << ADL – Activities of Daily Living >>
  2. Provide evidence to explain and justify the problem identified à “Activities of Daily Living” (detailed, clear explanation with impact)
  • Discussion of management plan – Based on the problem and concept identified
  1. provide a relevant and clear explanation of the management plan
  2. show evidence of in-depth knowledge and research
  3. show evidence of critical analysis and application
   << Plan is explained with great clarity and relevance + Advanced understanding of the problem/concept and its significance + Critical deliberations on its management plan and application + Insightful thoughts on the significance of management plan to the outcomes + critical analysis with good integration of literature >>     The assignment should include relevant references to support arguments and claims. You should use at least 15 references with 5 out of 15 must be current. (The year 2010 and onwards )  
  • Referencing – All end-text and in-text references are cited accurately – to follow the link