Nursing Assignment on Therapeutics in Nursing

Therapeutics in Nursing
Field report
Case Study
George is 57 years old and has recently undergone coronary artery bypass surgery after presenting to the emergency department with chest pain. George was found to have blockages in 3 coronary arteries and required a triple bypass. George is 5 days post-op and has developed an infection in his graft wound site. George has a history of coronary artery disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. George is on a variety of medications because of his surgery, infection, post-operative pain, and co-morbidities.
1. Review George’ medication chart on the link below
Choose 3 medications and for each medication outline the name of the medication; use; side.
effects, the mechanism of action, interactions, and any nursing implications. (approximately 1200 words)
2. Choose a medication from George’s chart (see medication chart Moodle). Create a patient fact sheet about the medication (800 words).
· Your fact sheet should use language that may be understood by the general population.
· Your fact sheet should be 1 A4 page.
· You can include creative elements within your fact sheet to make it more engaging for patients such as colors, fonts, and formatting.
· You are required to include reputable references to support your fact sheet which should be visual on the A4 page.
2000 words
Vancouver style