Nursing Assignment on Reflexive Practice Ethno-cultural

Assignment 2: Reflexive Practice Ethno-cultural Research Paper 

This research paper focuses on mental health with an ethnocultural population. The focus will be on Indigenous People in Canada.

The paper, 10 pages (double spaced) must:

  1. Indicate your understanding of the historical, social, and cultural context and experiences of Indigenous People in Canada.
  2. Indicate your understanding of how this population understands mental health and mental illness.
  3. Provide an analysis of the system challenges and barriers in your community or region (British Columbia, Canada) for this population. Include health promotion and direct intervention approaches.
  4. Provide a summary of your growth in developing a practice approach consistent with your own relational experiences and self-awareness, and the ethnic understandings and needs of the population you are researching.
  5. Be written to academic standards, using APA referencing. Sub-headings are recommended

Marking Rubric

Population Context

Provides a synthesis of the historical, social, and cultural context of the traditional (country of origin) perspective related to mental health and illness. Synthesis is related to today’s context

Understanding of Mental Health and Mental Illness

Shows a synthesis of the historical treatment of mental health/illness and contemporary attitudes and beliefs.

System Challenges

Provides a strong synthesis of the system and challenges and barriers in the community/ region. Includes a synthesis along the health promotion continuum and the challenges/ barriers linked to the literature

Practice Reflexivity

The comprehensive response shows a synthesis of ideas and clearly indicates growth and awareness related to learning. Practice transformation is indicated through practical and realistic identification of change.

Academic Writing

Extremely interesting to read with a good flow. Close to publishing standard for writing.